Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The little guy just gets cuter & cuter!!!

I know it's been nearly forever since I last posted, so I'll post extra pics this time (although I hardly get a minute to take pics except when he's sleeping, hence all the crib pics. Maybe now that he's getting a little older and more independent we can do more other fun stuff). Tanner is almost 4.5 months old now. At his 4 month check-up on June 2 he weighed in at 14 lbs even and was 26.6 inches long! This kid is in the 95th percentile now for length, and the 35th for weight! I cannot believe how quickly he is growing! And he is just so adorable, too. We started feeding him some baby food over the last few weeks. He seems to like applesauce and peaches and he really likes squash and sweet potatoes. But we tried pears tonight and he just did not want anything to do with that! He gave me the dirtiest look and spit it all right back out at me! He's so cute. He makes such a mess when he eats! We usually just strip him down to the diaper and then if he makes too much of a mess it's stright to the bathtub! (That's at least half the time!) He's learning to sit up by himself now. He likes to sit by himself, and can last a few seconds before he falls over, usually. It's really cute. He grabs his ankles and teeters back and forth until he falls. He still doesn't like to go to bed. He usually gets really fussy as he gets tired, but then he SCREAMS until he falls to sleep. And he does NOT like to cuddle when he wants to sleep. He's so funny! We found a new trick to getting him to sleep in the car. If we're in the car and he starts his screaming fits, we turn the radio on and turn it up, and he shuts right up! He LOVES to listen to the radio... but only good music. He doesn't do well with lullabyes or country (as my mom found out!) What a cutie.. well, I could go on forever, but I should get to bed since it's midnight (the only time I have anymore to get much done!) Although, he does an excellent job of sleeping all night most of the time. What a good kid. Ok, time to post the bedtime baby pics... until next time... ENJOY!

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