Sunday, June 29, 2008

All grown up...

Well, ok, not quite, but he sure thinks so! He's getting so much bigger and learning to do so much
now! This picture was taken on the 19th, the day Tanner sat up well all by himself for the first time! He sat there for several minutes just looking around before he finally moved and lost his balance and fell down! Oops, still adorable though!

Another thing Tanner has discovered these past few weeks is the swing at the park. He just sits there and swings and loves every minute of it... usually at least 30 minutes of it, actually. It has become almost a daily ritual to make our trek with the stroller the few blocks down to the park. We try to make it before it gets too hot so we're not walking back in the heat. But, the hot sun on the walk home does tend to knock the little guy out!

Aww, what a doll! Even sound asleep he doesn't mind the shades.... but they do tend to slide down a bit!

Another funny story of the little dude -- I walked into his room to see how he was doing at about 10 at night trying to decide if he was going to wake up and take another bottle or just stay asleep for the night and this is site I saw! He was sound asleep with his bare booty just sticking up in the air! Look at that birthmark... Isn't he cute? The not-so-cute part of all of this, however, was that because he had pulled that diaper off, the bed under him was SOAKED and we had to get him up, clean him up, clean the bed, change the sheet and then try to put him back to bed so we could go to bed. But it was still cute, and I couldn't resist the photo opportunity to preserve the memory...

So, not only does he now sit up, but he thinks he can get up and walk, too! He hasn't figured out a lot of it yet, but he has the leg motion down now. We got a bunch of toys for him the other day (yay Craig's list!) and one thing we got was one of those ride-on/walkers that pulls up to hold onto and push to walk. He doesn't have the balance thing down, so he needs help (which means I couldn't take a pic of it) but it is cute. We walk up and down the hallway several times a day now. But, with his new walker, we also got this cute toy... which he just loves. It makes noise, talks, rolls around and plays music. It's so cute. And since he can sit now, it's so much more fun.

Alright, it's time to play and get ready for work again.. he doesn't like mommy to go to work, so we gotta get some good play time in before. We'll leave you with a few more fun pictures of the cutest little baby on earth!

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